Kanc Patrol

The Kancamagus Highway attracts six million visitors annually. We have a cooperative law enforcement agreement with the United States Forest Service and its contracted campgrounds which allows us to schedule a patrol specifically for the Kancamagus Highway or to the two contracted campgrounds which are in the White Mountain National Forest.

The "Kanc" Patrol was started was 1968. Our jurisdiction extends for 12 miles east on the highway to the border of the Town of Livermore (unincorporated). Campgrounds on the "Kanc" in Lincoln’s jurisdiction are Hancock Campground and Big Rock Campground. We patrol to the town line for the safety of the public.

The Kancamagus Highway offers camping, hiking, overlooks, and scenic beauty. In addition to the normal problems in the grounds, (i.e. drinking, disturbances, etc.), we are involved in search and rescue efforts involving lost or injured hikers.