Good Morning Program

This program that started in 1981 is utilized by the elderly and handicap citizens of the community. It is designed to be a life saving program and has proven to be just that. These programs came into existence because of incidents involving elderly citizens that had fallen or become ill in their homes and were unable to call for help. In some cases, the person would not be discovered for a day or more.

The "Good Morning" Program works this way; a person wishing to be a participant would be required to complete a registration form. The form requires an alternative contact person that the dispatcher may call in case of an emergency. The participant may leave a key with the police department, a relative or friend, in case entry into the home is needed for any reason. The participant is required to call the Lincoln Police Department Communication Center daily by 10:00 AM to let the dispatcher know everything is all right. If no call is received by 10:00 AM, the dispatcher will call the participant. If the dispatcher is unable to contact the participant, a police officer is dispatched to the residence to check on the persons welfare. In most cases there is no problem, the participant forgot to call. However, occasionally the person may need some type of assistance in which case the officer will either provide the assistance or call for the type of assistance needed (i.e. ambulance, family member, etc.).

This program has saved lives and also gives the chance for someone to say "Good Morning" and brighten their day. Over thirty people currently participate in the program.