Community Outreach

  • Do You Need Help?
    Local and Federal links to provide many types of assistance.
  • Good Morning Program
    This program that started in 1981 is utilized by the elderly and handicap citizens of the community. It is designed to be a life saving program and has proven to be just that. These programs came into existence because of incidents involving elderly citizens that had fallen or become ill in their homes and were unable to call for help. In some cases, the person would not be discovered for a day or more. To view our brochure and download an enrollment form please visit our Reference Library.
  • D.A.R.E
    Drug Abuse Resistance Education, better known as DARE or D.A.R.E., is an international education program that seeks to prevent use of illegal drugs, membership in gangs, and violent behavior.
  • Kanc Patrol
    The Kancamagus Highway attracts six million visitors annually. We have a cooperative law enforcement agreement with the United States Forest Service and its contracted campgrounds which allows us to schedule a patrol specifically for the Kancamagus Highway or to the two contracted campgrounds which are in the White Mountain National Forest.
  • Kilts for Cops
    Michael Tamulonis formerly of the Lincoln Police Department wanted the local force to be more in tune with the Highland Games, seeing as it has such a tremendous impact on the financial success of the area. For years, folks driving by the on-duty officers would yell out comments that the officers should be dressed in something Scottish, but the $400 per man for outfitting costs had always seemed too steep.